Welcome to Depledge Design

Hello, I'm Tony Depledge, a freelance web designer working from home in Cleethorpes. I've been building websites since 2002, both for local businesses and organisations, and as a "sub-contractor" for other web design agencies.

I started out as a part-time web designer after doing a college IT course which included programming and web design - already being in the signs/graphics industry it seemed like a good fit.

I'm still doing it because every day on the internet I see small business websites that just don't work. Whether it's lack of mobile responsiveness, poor layout, outdated SEO practices, or just plain terrible design, there are lots of business websites that make terrible mistakes that are costing them customers. I know, because I've made many of those same mistakes in the past, when the web was young. But the web is grown up now - there's no excuse for a website that doesn't perform. Yet I still come across websites with spinning email buttons and long lists of spammy 'keywords'  - guaranteed to put off both prospective customers and search engines too.

The purpose of your website is to drive sales, whether that is directly via e-commerce, or by generating leads and enquiries. A good looking site is part of that process, but not all of it. Web Design now is not so much about looks, but more about strategy - leading the prospect to take action and contact you.