Why you should keep your domain and web hosting separate

Web Servers

If you’re new to getting a website and domain name, you will probably go on a well known web hosting site and just accept the standard way of registering a domain name with your web host. After all, that’s what they want you to do and it seems the easiest option – keep everything under one roof. Many of them even offer you a free domain name when you buy the hosting – it seems too good an offer to turn down. But there’s another common phrase you should consider – don’t put all your eggs in one basket!

On Page SEO – Do you sell Welcome Mats?

I check out a lot of small business sites and there’s one thing that really stands out – the number of websites that have “Welcome to our website” or something similar on the home page.  Or sometimes even “Home Page”. Only the other day I came across a website produced for a small business by an agency that had “Home” as both the page title and the main heading on the page.

Look – when the Internet was new and having a website was a novelty, we didn’t know better. I think I even put “Welcome” on my own first site. But that was a long time ago – we should know better now.

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Taking Payments Online

Taking card payments on your website has never been easier, but it is a complex business, has security implications, and there will always be transaction costs (a percentage of the order total). Whether you are an existing business, or a new start up, there are two ways you can take card payments (strictly speaking three – I’ll mention the third at the end). Either way, you will need a Payment Service Provider to handle the card payments.

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