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Whether you are setting up a completely new business, or have an existing business, Depledge Design has the experience to help you get your e-commerce site up and running. I have been building e-commerce sites for over 14 years, and can help you avoid many of the pitfalls that trip up the unwary.

Setting up an e-commerce site is not like getting an ordinary website. You as the business owner will need to be completely familiar with the software and administration of the site. You will be using it on a day to day basis, possibly adding products, setting or changing prices, uploading new product images, maybe setting up promotions and special offers, etc., not to forget downloading orders!

Even if you are a start-up business with only a few products, there may be quite a few product pages to think about – particularly if those products come in different sizes/colour variations. An established business with hundreds of products will require a substantial amount of time creating ¬†product pages with all the available options. In addition, you will also have to decide shipping rates (e.g. flat rate, quantity based, or weight based), how to handle payments, returns and refund policies etc. These are all business decisions that I can’t make for you.

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In the beginning, setting up an e-commerce store was relatively straightforward – a simple shopping cart script, a few pages with “buy now” buttons and you were good to go. If you had a physical store, you could use a simple form for customers to enter their credit card details and put them through your shops’ payment system. These days, e-commerce systems need to be a lot more professional and secure – systems and software need to be PCI-DSS (card industry association) compliant and security audited to prevent hacking and data breaches. This really precludes home-brewed or simple systems that don’t have the resources to achieve the required accreditation or ability to stay ahead of the criminals.

Fortunately, despite all this, getting your store online can be even simpler than it used to be. You get a store online without having to worry about all this and just get on with running your business, Not only should you definitely use a payment processing service to process payments, but you should also consider using a completely hosted e-commerce system. This will handle all the security and hosting set up and leave you free to concentrate on your business.

I recommend using Shopify¬† – for a single monthly payment you can get your online store up and running and accept all major credit cards. The credit card rates are competitive, and the monthly cost is not that high. If you decided to go for a standalone self hosted e-commerce solution, such as Open Cart, Magento, PrestaShop, to name a few, you would probably end up paying as much, or more, for suitable secure hosting and security certificates. You can set up your own shopify store without my help – just set up an account, choose from one of the ready built templates and get going. However, if you don’t want, or don’t have the time to do it yourself, as a Shopify partner, I can design a custom template for you and perform a lot of the initial setup.

Alternatively, if you do wish to go down the standalone e-commerce website route, I can do that for you too.

Either way, get in touch and we can discuss what you need.

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