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WordPress is simply the best tool for the job

Why I am a WordPress Designer

If you were employing a joiner to build you a bespoke kitchen would you expect him to turn up with a handsaw and a set of chisels, or some professional grade power tools? Sure, you could employ a joiner to handcraft you a kitchen using only hand tools, but we both know that with the proper tools, the job would be done better, quicker, and most importantly, at a price you could afford. What you want is a kitchen you can work in, not an expensive work of art.

Similarly, you can get a website built using a web designer who insists on hand-coding all of the html code.  You could even get it done by a web designer who uses nothing but Notepad to write all the code. I often see on web design forums someone asking “what is the best HTML editor for …”; inevitably there is at least one condescending reply telling them to “learn to code properly – use notepad”.

In fact I could do that for you – I have handcoded many websites (although I would prefer to use a specialist HTML editor, rather than notepad!). But you will get a better, quicker job at an affordable price if I use professional quality tools.

Quite simply, WordPress is the best tool for the job. That is why I decided to concentrate on being a WordPress designer. OK, there are other professional quality tools that are the best to use in specific circumstances, but for most websites, WordPress wins hands-down. For an e-commerce site, although you could use WordPress with the Woo-Commerce plugin, I think that a fully hosted solution such as Shopify is better.


Single Page Website

Ideal for smaller businesses and start ups that need a web presence to promote their product or services. If you’re not sure about having a website, or have a micro-business, a single page website may be just what you need.

Standard Business Website

A full multi page website giving you the opportunity to promote your services , provide information etc, designed to increase your leads and sales

E-Commerce Website

A full e-commerce site enabling you to sell your products online, accept card payments and manage your store.

WordPress is the most popular web publishing platform

Don’t just take my word for it – WordPress powers 26% of all the websites in the world, including world famous brands such as CNN, Sony, New York Times, Reuters, IBM, Microsoft and Ford, to name a few.

WordPress is easy to use

If you choose to make all you updates yourself, rather than have me do it, WordPress is one of the easiest to use CMS’s, with a easy addition of new posts and pages, easy uploads of images and a simple to use text editor.

WordPress is Search Engine Friendly

If your website can’t be found, it might as well not be there. Research shows that 93% of all internet experiences start with a search engine. And in 90% of those, the search engine in question is Google. Thats why it is imperative your website is built to be search engine friendly.

 Search engines love WordPress. Google Engineer Matt Cutts said, “WordPress automatically solves a ton of SEO issues”. Search engine friendly page names are built in, and it can automatically inform the search engines of new or updated content.

 In addition, with the free Yoast SEO plugin, search engine optimisation becomes even easier.

WordPress is Safe and Secure

You may have heard that WordPress sites are not safe and can be hacked. It is true that WordPress is a magnet for hackers in the same way that Windows is – because it is so popular. There are upwards of 76 million wordpress websites on the internet, so it is hardly surprising that some end up being hacked. But in the vast majority of cases, this is down to older sites not having security updates installed, poorly coded or outdated plugins, or being hosted on insecure hosting.

 As a WordPress designer, it is my responsibility to make sure that your site is hosted on secure servers, that only reputable, well-maintained plugins are used, and that security updates are always applied.

 WordPress is very well maintained by a huge community of developers, with regular security and other updates. It now has automatic updates to keep your site safe

You get a blog as well as a website

In the beginning, WordPress started out as a blogging system. Doing anything other than a  straightforward blog was possible, but required a lot of customisation and hacks. I tried it several times in the early years, and although I was impressed with the ease of use, I was frustrated with its inability to layout pages the way I wanted to. Over the years, that has changed; WordPress has developed into a full-featured web content management system (CMS).

 That means you can use WordPress to manage your whole website, not just your blog. Of course, if you just want to blog, you can still use WordPress for that too.

 The SEO benefits of having a regularly updated blog or news section are well known- the search engines love fresh, regularly updated content

 All-in all, you get more bang for your buck

With wordpress, you get a big business website for a small business investment.

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